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    Originally Posted by Drago Dragonite View Post
    The lady nodded."Sure. Your room number is on your key", said the lady, and put the box under the counter."You should put your bagage in your room, then we can go train", said Daniel. His pokémon looked around. About everything had a Raikou marking in it."Charm"(Wow, they do lack fashion sense), commented Fira.

    "You could tidy your things later, for now just put the baggage in your room", said Daniel.

    "Let me see, what kind of training should we do? Maybe speed? Or power?", asked Daniel. He took a little pad of his bag and searched the training methods.
    "Alright Ill be back real quick, You decide what we're doin while we're gone." I say As I'm running off towards the hallway, Luggage flailing behind me barely keeping upright.

    "Hm... Room 143" I think to myself as I'm looking around "Well I guess since 121 i right here, and 123 is there, Mine must be further over.... Ah, here it is!" I find the door labeled 143, Quickly unlock it and let myself in.

    "Not bad" I say to myself "It bigger than I thought it was" I continue looking around the room now ignoring the rush I was in seconds earlier. "A T.V. a dresser, A few lamps, Pretty basic But I can always fix that. Pretty nice that I'm on the first floor, No pesky steps to worry about." I lay on the bed to get a general feel of it "Its a little firm but ill get used to it. I bet the bathroom has a mirror!" I say quickly walking to the bathroom to check myself out in the mirror.

    "This is too cool!" I say As I pose in my new school jacket "I cant believe I actually made it here..."

    "Crap! I forgot about Daniel!" I say realizing I left him in the main Lobby, Rushing off almost forgetting to lock the door.

    "Sorry about that! I got a bit distracted." I apologize, Slightly struggling with the key chain on the Lanyard as I'm trying to attach the key to it.
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