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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Lucia's Room

    Lucia finally found it and pulled out a small case she had hidden. "Can't have this out in the open you know. Too dangerous and all." She put it on her bed and began to open it up but a certain Scizor quickly put his hand on the case to stop her and shook his head. Lucia rolled her eyes at him. "Roberto, they aren't going to steal them! Sheesh." She pushed the pincer away and clicked open the locks on each side and opened it up. Inside were elemental stones for water, grass, fire, and electric type pokemon. Lucia smiled weakly, "My parents wanted me to have these. A going away present. For whenever I caught something and quickly wanted to evolve it you know?" She brushed her hair back, "You can take one. Consider it a present from a good friend. Or perhaps an early Christmas gift. So no asking anything else from me then okay? Oh! Don't tell anyone where you got it from. I can't have everyone swarming me for a stone."

    Tyro giggled at the tickle and hopped and quickly changed the topic. "Oh! It'sthosethingsagain! LuciawantstoevolvemetheoldwayandnotwiththosebecauseshesaiditwouldbeinconvienettobeseenwithaBlazikenoncampusalreadyandthenpeoplewouldknowandallanditwouldsuckallthefunout...." Once more Tyro went on and on.

    Robert meanwhile was growing more and more tense. When the two would leave he would just have to double check to make sure that they didn't leave with more than one stone. Yes, he was paranoid like that but he didn't care. That ghost deserved everything coming to him!

    Diana walked with Len, nodding, "I see. I'm quite young myself. Been around for... I think a good six years."
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