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Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
Why is the player dressed so fancy?

the blue fences seem out of place being randomly there next to nothing, and blocking the path to nothing
the idea of elevation is really neat and something i always liked, but the way you placed the stairs makes it look unnatural and doesn't give the full effect you are trying to achieve

other than that, theres not much else else to say about the maps, except that the trees have little edges and bits that you seem to be misplacing along the outermost edge of your tree barriers by accident

I like it so far! and I like your tiles, I'm really picky about the ones i've found, I doubt I'll ever find a good one hahahaha. Good luck though, its looking good.
Thank you for the feedback! The player is Riley and he dresses fancy. Rileys a place holder. I'm probably going to use the DP Hero\Heroine, when I get hold of the back sprites of them. The blue fences is suppose to be surrounding the stairs, and the tree mistakes are fixed. I don't really know what else I could do to the stairs, because there isn't anywhere else to put it.
Any suggestions?
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