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    I would really love the main Paris city to have french-like music with accordions and french vocals. That would be awesome! It would be cool to also add instruments on or off when talking to people, like at Village Bridge. :D

    Originally Posted by Fenne-kun View Post
    Junichi Masuda's been improving a lot. I'm sure he'll come up with something good.

    ALSO, I've finally finished my newest theme

    [Pokemon X and Y - City of Tranquility ] (Designed to be the 'opposite' counterpart of the City of Souls, my second latest production, this theme is like a small beacon of hope, a 'good luck' present for those who are about to embark themselves on a long, tiresome journey.)

    Can someone give me some feedback
    That was pretty good, actually! It sorta reminds me of Aspertia City and Castelia City mixed together, and it sounds great! Good job!
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