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    I think Human's might've been a Pokémon that lost it's powers minus a special few. Other than saying that (humans are animals so calling Humans pokemon doesn't seem that off) I don't see anything deeper on the Human side. Now Evolution (the real life kind) was reference long before Groudon Kyogre,Rayquaza (the first creationist mons introduced) with Mew, which is based on a Fetus which ties to the theory that since creatures look similar during Fetus stage, perhaps there's an evolutionary related reason for that (might've butched the theory there, been awhile since I've read up about it...but it's something along those lines). Also Archeops line is the ancestor of all bird Pokémon thus referencing the evolution of bird Pokémon. Now to find a feather covered T-rex Pokémon (not kidding I want one).
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