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    No problem, most of them I can’t use anyway. I just like to have them available for if I ever want to train Pokemon other then Dragons.” C.J. explained. Hmm, a battle with Issac and Turtwig, why not. I’ll just have to keep myself from getting carried away, don’t want to hurt them.Sure a battle with you would be fun.” He said.

    Okay guys, Chomp and I are going to battle with our new friends.” C.J. proclaimed to his Pokemon. Chomp wandered over to where C.J. was standing “GIB!” the young Gible called out. The others moved to the edge of the field where they could watch and support their team mate.

    C.J. walked to the far end of the field, Gible taking her place a few feet ahead of him. “Whenever you’re ready Issac, you can make first move.” C.J. called out. He was confident in his Pokemon but he knew better then to underestimate opponents. Giving Issac the first moved was both generosity and strategic on his part. Okay, I know he has SolarBeam, I’ll have to watch out for that, I wonder what his other moves are.
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