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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Another thread based off the idea of "what if" in regards to the genetics theme!

    Let's say that there is a genetics theme, and that the DNA of the Pokemon can actually be altered, so that there's more than just shinies. For example, in an online game I used to play years ago, there were shinies, but there were also metallics, and shadow Pokemon, too. They weren't necessarily ghost/steel, but it was more on the side of the colour scheme, and offering something rarer than just shinies. Would you like to see DNA altered so that maybe shadow Pokemon (with the side effect of them being like they were in Colosseum) or metallic Pokemon (with nothing special but looked interesting - maybe an interesting side effect in regards to them), or something else completely different? Do you think this is possible? Would this seem as great as shinies if they had the same "find" rate as shinies? Would you be bothered to set out and hunt these too? Or do you think shadow Pokemon would only appear if they're evil, rather than just an aesthetic effect? Also what other types of rare aesthetic designs could there be other than the ones mentioned? Share your thoughts!

    Also would you like to think that by this generation it would be possible even if there isn't a genetics theme?
    I remember that game! I used to be addicted to Pokemon Crater when I was younger. Wonder if it's still running...

    Anyways, I'd like to see more than the typical shiny. Maybe a Pokemon has a certain rare pattern on it, like the Pokemon in the Orange Islands. Or with the whole possible genetics theme, maybe we'll see cloned Pokemon with different patterns on them (like Mewtwo's), and we could catch them as well. Since Mewtwo is going to be in the next movie, it seems like a possibility, though we don't know if it's the same Mewtwo from the first movie.
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