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Jake♫ // |Kinder| @ Cherrygrove City

At the PokémonCenter, there is a girl who sits in one of the couches and steals glances at you as you heal your pokémon up. Not glances of interest really. Rather angry glances.

As you leave the PokémonCenter and go out onto the street, someone suddenly jumps you from behind. You stumble and can't get them off or get your pokémon to act to help you... but then the attacker suddenly runs off. Turning around, you see that it was the girl from inside the building. She runs north towards Route 30.

After only a short matter of time, you realize that your newly obtained PokéGear is gone. The angered girl... She must have stolen it!

OOC: You may design the girl and decide if she is a player or some kind of NPC thief, bugged or not. Note that you may also REFUSE this quest and carry on as if this text never happened!

Retro Bug // Fara O'Shay + Skymin // BiRDiE @ Unknown Shore

As the duo take their first steps over the digital border that separates Route 31 from Violet City, you experience your first major glitch in Monster Art Online. Before you can really understand what happened, it is not the street of Violet City that you put your front foot down on. You are now standing on a cliff, feeling the wind in your hair and smelling the salty sea air around you as you look down and hear waves crash against stone. Behind you, a thick forest begins, mixed with more cliffs and rocks. In the far distance to your right, a long beach can be seen and there also seem to be the silhouettes of buildings.

You have seemingly glitchfully been teleported to a place that definitively is not Violet City. To top it all off, there lies a POKéMON EGG on the cliff in front of the two of you, and it seems to be alone and abandoned. The egg is dark gray with a matt texture. What will Birdie and Fara do?

OOC: If you try to approach the beach or buildings, please end a post somewhere there and let me tell you what place it really is :> Also, you may certainly REFUSE this turn of events and simply keep posting as if it didn't happen.

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