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Oh boy, that's a really difficult question. My personal experience with generation I is what I hold dearest to me. Its nostalgia has never passed me, and I still can't hold the tears back when I hear the Pallet town music playing. Generation I has some of my favourite pokémon, including Gengar, Slowbro, Raticate, Scyther, and of course Kangaskhan, the awesome kangaroo-dinosaur. I liked the designs a lot because they were simple, yet elegant. There are only a few rotten apples I can find in the first gen. There are some gen I pokémon I was indifferent about, but exeggcute and exeggutor I could never grow into, neither with tentacool and tentacruel. All in all though, the ratio of awesome to not so awesome pokémon was highest for this generation.

Generation II has got to be one of my favourites though. It's the one I stuck around with the longest. I was given a silver cartridge for my birthday and I've spent years playing on it. This one contains some of my all-time favourites, such as Ampharos (oh sweet Ampharos). Generation II also has some of the cutest starters, and the cutest "vendor trash" pokémon. The designs were yet again simple and elegant, and the graphics improved a lot.

Generation III is sort of a gap for me. I lost touch with the pokémon fandom at this time, but I've since started sifting through generation III again, and I've found many pokémon of generation III that are now rightfully in my favourites list, like Breloom.

Then came generation IV, which featured Lucario. And that's just about all there is that I can say about this generation. I like it. Some of the pokémon are a bit inelegant, as with every generation, but I loved the games as much as I loved the others.

Then came generation V. It's been the most difficult for me to adjust to. I'll be honest, it's the first, and hopefully the only generation that had designs that genuinely disappointed me. There are luckily a few treasures I hold dear and treat as if they were any other generation. I've found love for Seismitoad's cool appearance, I think Oshawott is ridiculously cute (and totally didn't deserve all the flak it got when the starters for gen V were announced). I think that Woobat and Swoobat are a nice change to the Zubat evolutionary family being the dominant cave-bat pokémon that tormented us as children every day we went into caves (yet, I am proud to have never used a repel in my life in those caves.) Reuniclus is the perfect result of cuteness mixed with jell-o, but all in all, many of the designs seemed unexpressive to me, unrelateable. However much I wanted to love them, there wasn't the same kind of vivid spark between me and them as there was with all the previous generations. I feel lucky to have found a few treasures in gen V between all of those disappointments that I can love though.

Now that generation VI is announced, I have my hopes up. The starters set a very promising prescedent for the design style that may be the red thread running through that generation. I'm sure it'll manage to impove the aspects that left me so disappointed and cold when generation V came out.

I hate to be seen as one of those genwunners, or as one of those blokes who complains on the internet that for them "there's still only 151 pokémon" because I could not possibly imagine a pokémon universe anymore without some later pokémon that I've come to love just as much and hold to equal standards as the pokémon I love from earlier generations. I think the issue has polarised the fandom into two camps of those who jingoistically try to defend pokémon from new generations, and those who do exactly the opposite and say that gen I is the worst of all, and that all the pokémon we once loved are obsolete and should be regarded as such. To me, that touch that gave them their endearing characteristics, the values or temperaments that are associated with every pokémon is something that can't be touched upon by their battle potency being surpassed by newer generations that can do it better nowadays. That is something that can't ever become obsolete. So, when it comes to choosing a favourite generation I'm tied between first and second.

(I hope that this made sense at all.)
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