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    Hey guys. This is Route 3 from my game. I just redid it and fixed a few tile errors and stuff like that. It is meant to be "hilly" route, yet not mountainous. Down leads to the home town (Lily Town) and is blocked by trees until you have cut. Up leads to Vetus Town which I have yet to make.

    A few quick facts on the route. The two trees that look different are Headbutt Trees. The house is home to a small business called "Tree Co." The owner is in the small area to the upper right that you can't get to until you can surf. She will give you a Treecko later on. (I made a Pun!) There is a hidden item on the small upraised area just south of the house, an item blocked by a route down the sideways stairs, and an item blocked by a Cut Tree in that little area in the upper left by the small pond.