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Choose Your Own Adventure!

I have no idea if this will really work but :D In this game, I will make a post with a scenario and then let the next posters decide what will happen next. Just post a simple sentence or command, as we will call it. After that, I will write a post describing our character performing the actions you have chosen. At times though, I may propose questions to be answered, rather than demand actions.

The goal is to start a story that eventually blooms into something crazily epic. I do have a background story in mind but your actions will undoubtedly alter it. Or it might just turn into something really silly and stupid, time will tell. I'm basing it on Homestuck, btw, but you don't have to have read that webcomic in order to participate. We will have some rules though:
  1. Each person may only post once between each of my posts. Note that I am the one writing the story, while you simply give commands.
  2. You can only command one character in each post.
  3. I will wait until there is at least one reply before describing how the suggested action takes place. If several posts suggest different actions, I might take the first one, do several in one post or just choose the one that works the best :>
So, let's start with the initial supersimple scenario, shall we?

You are standing in your bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 24th of February, is your fourteenth birthday.

What is your name?


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