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> Your fat orange cat named Garfunkel.
> A large and well-fed cat I got when I was 7 years old.

Garfunkel pompously walks into your room, giving you the usual look...

... before he jumps up onto your bed (with not a little effort) and declares with another stare that the bed is his now. Garfunkel is only half your age but thinks that he is at least twice as important as you are. You make a mental note to put something nasty in his food the next time your parents decide to feed him. Which is pretty often. Too often.

Your bedroom is boringly square shaped. There is a bed, which used to be yours but is now occupied by a fat selfish feline. There is a desk with a laptop computer. There are some bookshelves and wardrobes. There is a large open window. There are also some evidence of your hobbies and interests here and there around the room, not just in the form of pokémon posters and figurines. Beside the computer sits a half-eaten birthday cake and a package with a ribbon and the word JAKE on a card.

What will you do?
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