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    Well theirs people who say the real number of the devil is 616 and that would be Shelmet irc back in Generation 5...sure it's annoying but not evil. Maybe make something like that. Also Giratina and Kyurem came off more as demonic pokémon. I say Kyurem as it's stats are near Arceus' and it's connected to Fire which Lucifer is said to have been made of (funny how Reshiram is all angel like), Electric (lightning) which Lucifer is said to have fallen in the shape of (Zekrom is pretty demon like), and Kyurem normal which is ice like the original version of hell, where god's light can't reach plus it looks broken as if it fell. And Dragon which is the form Lucifer will take Yet's despite fitting so perfectly it's it's based on Tao not Satan's fall...unless it's a mix...if so original Dragon should be 666.
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