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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Um, the server is temporarily down, it will be fixed when PPN wakes up. :x
Okay so since the server is currently down right now, I thought of a backup server for us to all go on

Sever link

This was made by a fellow PC user for unknown reasons, in the meanwhile those of you who are server sick, go on and have fun until PC gets fixed!

Oh and this is just in, there is a new feature on all of the Servers, and once ours is back up everyone will be able to see the change in battles. This is called: "Pixel". Zarel/Bmelts/Cathy of Smogon (Any of those 3) added in this a few hours ago. Simply it is to make it more like the games, meaning better simulate cartridge battle mechanics.

More info (not very much really) can be found here:
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