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Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
America still has a draft system ? I thought they learnt their lesson after Vietnam that drafting doesn't work.
The UK use a Territorial Army system which people are trained in military services and only do 30-60 days service (kinda like army reserves) and go on with their regular day to day living. So most of them have a career or a job, then take 2 months out when called to help with British service.
People can chose careers in the British army from medics,drivers,logistics,computers/recon,pilots,army police, front-line trooper etc. You're not just told "oh hey be a meat-shield" unless you signed up for it.
There is no draft system in the UK and I think it would be stupid to have a draft unless World war 3 happened and most of the military had already been annihilated.
It hasn't been employed since Vietnam, but it's still in place, and as it's set up now, it still only drafts males as soldiers if it's utilized. All of the current American military branches are 100% volunteer forces at present. At the very least, though, Selective Service should either be altered to include women or abolished entirely, and I'd personally rather see the latter.
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