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> You also enjoy stand-up comedy
> And scaring small children into thinking you are in possession of their noses.

You are quite the prankster. The pokémon movie posters on your walls are accompanied by just as many posters of more or less well known and amazing stand up comedy artists. You are practicing to become a great comedian yourself one day. But you aren't very great at all yet.

There is also another thing you love doing, as soon as you want to lighten up the mood of any situation or as soon as you meet someone younger than yourself really. You steal their noses. Yes, that is totally a thing, and you are an expert at making little kids believe that you actually stole it too. Oh, their faces when you wave your thumb around to fool them... You guess you just have a bit of an evil side to you, that surfaces in that simple way.

A "pinnng" comes from your computer. Someone has messaged you on your chat client that you always leave open.

What will you do?

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