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    Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
    tbh, most of us are not qualified to answer that question. You're dealing with several whammies here: B2W2 is much more difficult to RNG than BW, the part where you have to RNG with some external clock, there's like a 8 second delay when using the 3DS, most of us don't even OWN a 3DS, those that do RNG with their lites...It's just not pretty.

    Since you're stuck right there at the beginning of finding parameters, check the first page in this thread and scroll down until you see an RNG abuse guide. That part should be the same.
    Ok, thank you!! I guess RNGing, manipulating IVs, and EV training isnt for me after all. >.< From all the problems ive encountered, its just not worth it anymore i guess. Playing it for fun is the way to go for me! ^.^ hahah thanks again!
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