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Originally Posted by Drago Dragonite View Post
Daniel smiled as he saw Iny arrive. "I know, you got over-excited with your room. Anyway, I was thinking about speed training. You know, training the speed", said Daniel, showing her the pad.

"Let's go to the training grounds, follow me", said Daniel.

At the clearing in the forest, Daniel showed her the rock that had "Training Grounds" written on it.
I finally get the key attached to the Lanyard and put it in my pocket.
"Alright! Sounds like something Tiba would appreciate!" I say while looking over my map.
As we're heading over there I take a good look over my map, especially looking for the red crosses where the lady at the counter said they were forbidden.

"Hey Daniel, Why are some of these places forbidden? I guess I can somewhat understand the Lugia dorm but if its so bad why is it still around?" I ask " I would have taken a wrecking ball to it by now if all it causes is problems."
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