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Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Lucia's Room

Lucia smiled a bit at Mark's reaction. He looked so cute at that moment! She brushed back her hair and grabbed the water stone and put it in his hands. "Remember, don't tell anyone." She said softly. She nodded once, "I guess you have a Poliwhirl to find right?"

Tyro chuckled and patted Able on the head. "Yeah! AndwhenIdoI'llbepunchingflameseverywhereandgettingeverythignonfireandbeingblazekickingalloverandjustrockingitup!"

Diana was smiling at Len the entire time. They were close to the room now as she responded, "Yeah... that won't be a problem. I see all different ages that mate. Even saw a two year old Marowak going with a Sandlash who was eleven. It's just nature right?" She said with a smile.
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