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In my Pokémon Red version I had a beast team as follows:

Blastoise Lv86
Pidgeot Lv86
Dewgong Lv85
Arcanine Lv84
Vileplume Lv84
Dragonite Lv84

Besides that team... I never found strength. I never got through victory road. I also thought rapidly spamming A while catching a Pokémon would help. I thought pressing B made me go faster and I could not for the life of me pronounce "Technical Machine" and "Giovanni"

I said Tekneekal Mecheen and Govani

My first shiny was a shiny was really lucky. In yellow, after I figured out how to find strength, I beat the game easily. Then I went to Cerulean city to battle my friend. I noticed Cerulean cave was open. I went through he cave and found this weird looking thing I thought was a statue. I talked to it and it was.. A shiny Mewtwo. I was confused because I didn't know what it was, but I caught it. Then my friend battled me and I used Mewtwo. On the next school day my friend was yelling saying "YOU GOT A SHINY MEWTWO?!?!???"

The whole day was screaming and amazement.