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    Hi guys! :D I decided to make a game on RMXP using the Essentials and I want to create something different. So I decided to make a game in the medieval era. Before I started to write this, I googled for some games and I only found Conquest. So I think I’m probably the first to do it (or probably not XD).

    Centuries ago, friendship between man weren't like nowadays. There were no trainers. There were no gym leaders. There were no pokéballs. Warriors grew pokémon to protect the kingdom. In order to get tougher, they used to challenge the 8 fortresses and each fortress was leadered by a strong noble. The goal was to become the king's champion, the supreme trainer after beating the 4 Silver Knights. However, there was a group of evil people who wanted to control the kingdom. They were known as the Order of Darkness. Did they reach their final target? Only playing to know the truth of Pokémon World's Past.

    Kallya Region Map

    First Town

    To Do List:
    • Trainer Sprites
    • Overworlds
    • Tilesets (Almost done)
    • Item icons
    • Maps
    • Scripts (Someone wanna help plz? )