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    Originally Posted by MellowJello View Post
    Ok, thank you!! I guess RNGing, manipulating IVs, and EV training isnt for me after all. >.< From all the problems ive encountered, its just not worth it anymore i guess. Playing it for fun is the way to go for me! ^.^ hahah thanks again!
    Don't give up just yet. Just try the easiest one--Standard Seed abuse on Black/White. If you still have Generation IV Games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Soul Silver, Heart Gold), you can learn RNG Abuse on them for starters. If you have a DS Lite/Original, use that instead. It would be much much easier to RNG Abuse on that for Gen V.

    If you still pursue to learn B2W2 abuse first... (Take note that this can apply to BW, too!)

    This only covers CALIBRATION PROCESS. If you want to learn more about RNG Abuse, read this. Blade has a very nice guide.

    .NET Framework (Latest for Win Vista/7)
    RNG Reporter 9.96.5 Beta
    Eon Timer
    3DS and a retail copy of Black, White, Black 2, or White 2
    Patience x 99999999

    1. Get something that can use Sweet Scent (Foongus is very common)

    2. Get a Master ball and a lot of Rare Candies [OPTIONAL, but highly recommended. Do not worry, you won't lose them afterwards]

    3. Go to the Pokemon League, go to Victory Road's last floor, save your game.

    4. Turn off your 3DS or exit the game.

    5. Go to the WiFi settings of your 3DS and look for its MAC Address.

    6. Open up RNG Reporter 9.96.5 and look for Profiles Tab on the upper right corner of the window

    7. A new window should have opened up this time and look for "New" <-- Click it

    8. Enter a Profile Name (Using the name of the version you are playing is fine, or just use whatever you want)

    9. Enter ID and SID. If you don't know your SID, just put 0.

    10. Look for Find DS Parameters (This is where it will get really tricky)

    11. Fill up the blanks on the right side first: Version, Language, DS Type, DS Mac Address. Leave Held Buttons alone.

    12. Fill up the Date. For the purposes of this discussion, I will let you do a specific Date/Time combination.

    Date: February 25, 2013
    Hours: 12
    Minutes: 15
    Seconds: 30

    13. Set your DS' Date to 02-25-2013 (Same as date above)

    14. Now open up Eon Timer, make sure 3 tab is chosen

    Fill up EonTimer with:

    Mode: Standard
    Pre-Timer: 30000
    Target Frame: 0

    14a. Look for the Settings of Eon Timer (lower left corner)

    Look for the following settings and change them
    Countdown Mode: Audio
    Action Color: leave it as is
    Sound: Beep (But I prefer Ding)
    Action Interval: 500
    Action Count: 6

    Then click SAVE

    15. Change your DS' Time to 12:15, but DO NOT CLICK "OK" YET!

    16. This is a bit tricky, but here it goes. Click OK on your 3DS while clicking START on EonTimer. Make sure you do this at the same time!

    17. At the end of the timer (the beeps/dings/ticks/pops will help you), you should've pressed A to start the game. DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS AFTERWARDS!

    18. As soon as you see the intro vid, enter (continue, new game, etc window) the game as fast as you can. DO NOT TURN ON THE C-GEAR!

    19. Immediately use Sweet Scent on the field and capture any Pokemon you encounter.

    20. Use Metalkid's calculator to determine the IVs of your caught Pokemon. To use the calculator is self-explanatory, but to make it clear for you...

    20a. You will only fill up
    a. Select Pokemon
    b. Select Nature
    c. Select Characteristic
    d. (Scroll down and find Default Level) Change Default Level to the Level of your caught Pokemon, then click Update beside it
    e. Now fill-up the blanks for the HP, Att, Def, SpA, SpD, Spe
    f. Click Calculate. If the range of your IVs is quite large (i.e., 0-5, 6-10, 11-16, etc), feed the Pokemon a Rare Candy then repeat step e, but this time, on the next row since your Pokemon leveled up. If the IV range is still large (a difference of 5), feed it another rare candy and repeat e to f.

    21. After getting the IV range (or exact IVs if possible), enter these data to DS Parameter Finder Window on RNG Reporter. Click SEARCH.

    22. If you get a result, then good for you. If not, repeat the process starting on STEP 12.

    23. Multiple attempts on Black 2 or White 2 is highly recommended as the Timer0 fluctuates a lot. Find the most common Timer0 you hit and use that on your Profile.

    If there are more questions, feel free to ask. I may answer them, but not specifically for 3DS. Mac and/or Gonz0 (if he's here) can help you. I do not own a 3DS, sadly.
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