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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
Problem is, sometimes, as much as I'd want to buy new for older gen stuff.. they jack up the price like crazy. Like.. new Ace Attourney Trials and Tribulations game? $60+.. I can't justify that, and not much of it is actually going to the developer, the most of that money is going to the seller >_> As much as I want to support them, that's just ridiculous.
(Bought AA investigations though because it was the proper price!)

Some games I need to pirate to play. Tales of Innocence? There is no english version, but there is an English fanmade patch. Legal to download and play for me since it hasn't been localized. ;3
Well, the "legal" thing to do is to import the game, rip it to your computer, patch it, and then play it via some medium. Thing is, apparently even backups (or making backups) is illegal in some cases.

Not that I mind, it's more a matter of morals than anything else. I usually pirate Japanese games since I don't have an income and otherwise wouldn't be able to even buy the game; it doesn't make it any better, though, but that's just my scenario.
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