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Hi everyone, Looks like you are all doing good.
First of all, welcome to all new members, hope you enjoy the club.
Congrats to chocolatecrunch on scraggy, to TSE on treecko, Arceus whisper on drilbur pikachu and rattatas, Keruso on budew and bidoof, Nizare18 on Ho-oh and any I may have missed.

Now my update after some time since my last post:

2 shiny riolu, (one a lucario now) probably masuda method,black version
shiny elekid, random hatching, black version
shiny poochyena, masuda method probably, black version
shiny registeel, SR, white 2, caught in premier ball.

shiny riolu.jpg
shiny lucario.jpg
shiny elekid.jpg
shiny poochyena.jpg
shiny registeel white 2.jpg

i think elekid and poochyena count for this month's quest so i guess i completed it.

Cya next time and happy hunting.
Shiny Hunter
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