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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
Giratina's a Basilisk btw.
If they do a Bug/Dragon I imagine it to look something like Grima from Fire Emblem Awakening, that thing looks quite bug like for a Dragon.

Perhaps neither of them will have a type advantage over the other unlike Charzard versus Venusaur (or Blastoise over Charzard), and Kyogre over Groudon. I believe they left it out in Gen IV as neither space or time is better, and same with Yin and Yang which aren't enemies, those being interlinked while the starter mascots had the rivally going on, and water on earth exceeds the land. If that's why than I'll suggest they make them neutral against one another to prevent the unfortunate implication that X chromosome beats Y or vise versa. However if they do, than make X the stronger one...jk.
Unless water beats the one that beats the other one!! Assuming that the third one is water, which would even up Yveltal being more powerful than Xerneas if that's the case~~

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