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    Issac Milke - Behind the Dorms

    Issac made his way to the side of the field opposite of C.J.
    "Alright, Trunks! Lets do this!" he said beckoning him over.
    "Tuuhwiig!" Trunks responded as he jumped in front of Issac, a grimacing grin on his face.

    Have to play this smart.. this dragon could know fire moves. Can't be too careful. Will start it off safe and try to keep my distance..

    "Alright C.J.! Here we go," Issac called out at him, turning his attention to his Turtwig afterwards. "Trunks! Start things off with a sand tomb!"
    "Twiiiig!" Trunks yelled as he sent a harsh sandstorm towards the Gible opposing him.
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