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    Cloaked Guy responds to Xeye's inquisition, "Umm, yes. I am here to dispense the funding and relay any other information to yourself and your group, once the rest of them appear," he states before continuing on to ask Wolf Pops about the remainder of their gang.

    Nonetheless, the group had assembled quickly thereafter, including even Apples who always seems to be either crazy or drunk. Is there a difference? Xeye wouldn't know. She doesn't know what being drunk is like. Wolf Pops greets Apples by shoving bread down the red-head's throat.

    "That's... odd!" Xeye contemplates to herself, dumbfounded by the exchange of her fellow mercenaries.

    Wolf Pops wastes no time getting to business as always, consulting with Cloaked Guy who hands the highman a smaller sack of what turns out to be coins out of the larger sack that Cloaked Guy keeps to himself. Counting the coins to himself, the two men confirm the contents to each other as Cloaked Guy begins to distribute the coin sacks to the other mercenaries. The odd man walks up towards Xeye, returning his gaze with her own puzzled look before he drops the sack of silver coins in her hands. However, the bag slips her grip, crashing into the ground and spilling its shiny contents.

    "Noooo!" she screams, falling to her knees as her hands reach out for the fleeing circles. "Come baaaaack!"

    Scrambling for her runaway coins, Cloaked Guy finishes distributing the coins and calls out to the mercenaries, "If you would, good Sers, gather around."

    "No-no no no no, WAIT!!" Xeye yelps, scooping up the last of her coins before depositing them in her pouch. "Don't start without meeeeee!"

    The discussion of the assignment begins promptly, forcing Xeye to stumble and scurry over to the assembling gang as they meet around Cloaked Guy.

    "Here we have our current location at Dalenham," states Cloaked Guy, dragging his fingers along some map he has laying across the ground just as Xeye joins her gang to see what the man's instructions are.

    "Over here is Curilan," Cloaked Guy continues, sliding his finger across the map that Xeye recognizes as Eveamoor when her eyes fall upon his finger pointing at the city's location.

    Doing her best to catch up to the details she missed, her eyes dart across the map, finding the map's compass, key, and the aforementioned Dalenham before returning her gaze swiftly to the city Cloaked Guy called Curilan which she spots to the north. moving north to point to the city on the map.

    "The fort is about four kilometers west of the city," the hooded man informs before he goes on, "It was once a heralded fortress under the control of the Eveamoorian government, but as the economy declined, many forts like this one were abandoned because of the impracticality of maintaining them."

    "How many men are we expecting inside?" Wolf Pops inquires from Cloaked Guy whose expression begins to depress before he relays the bad news to the mercenaries.

    "About twenty, maybe as many as thirty," Cloaked Guy pauses, his gaze glancing over Xeye briefly, but her response is blank as if she's daydreaming or, most likely, not paying attention.

    "Anything special about these bandits? Do they have an affiliation or benefactor?" Wolf Pops presses further.

    "To my knowledge, they are simply a group of brigands from around the area. Nothing remotely special about them, as far as I hear. The only problem is their number, and fortification."

    "Alright. We’ll get it done," Wolf Pops assures the man who has assigned them the risky rescue mission.

    The two men exchange words briefly. Wolf Pops receives what appears to be a marked map and the Cloaked Guy gives the mercenaries instructions on where to meet him should they succeed in their mission. After exchanging good byes, Cloaked Guy departs on his horse, and Wolf Pops wastes no time addressing his band of mercenaries of the work ahead of them.

    "Right," Wolf Pops begins, scratching himself briefly but quickly gets to his point, "Seems fairly straightforward. We go in, clear out the fort, and rescue the daughter of the fat one."

    "Heeheheeee!" Xeye giggles like the little girl that she should've outgrown long ago but has yet to make that effort. "You called him fat! Funny! Heeeheheheheehee!"

    "Before we move out though, I’ve got a few words to say, since this will be our first job as a group. The Sabamin orcs don’t count. We operated separately, and I was mostly intent on seeing if you could handle yourself," he pauses, glancing over his colleagues.

    "Wait, slaying orcs doesn't count?" Xeye interrupts in confusion. "I worked -VERY- hard to kill those orcs! They -SHOULD- count, meany!"

    "Now, we are a team. I care not what opinions you reserve for each other, nor do I care of your opinions of me. I care not what you fight for, be it gold, gods, guidance, or glory. Nor do I care where you hail from. When we carry out a job, we will watch each other’s backs, and we will work together. We won’t charge ahead shouting of foolish pursuits of glory and honor, especially if it were to endanger one of the others in the team. Likewise we won’t do stupid, reckless stunts unless it is necessary."

    "Well -that's- no fun..." Xeye mumbles to herself, upset that Wolf Pops essentially condemned her battle strategy.

    "The job is the most important thing, followed by the team. Everything else is trivial. Should you work together and follow my lead, everything will go smoothly. If not, you can tell your gods I said hello. If you’ve got any inquiries, now is the time. If not, we’ll be off. There’s work to be done."

    "Wait... so... where are we going?" Xeye stares at Wolf Pops blankly, hopelessly clueless on the mission that was -just- told to them.

    "Okay, let's go! Who cares!" she bursts aloud, jumping to her feet and throwing her arms into the air. "Let's do this! Aaaaaaadventure time! Yaaaaaay!"
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