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C.J. Styles
Behind the Dorms - Battle with Issac

Sand Tomb? Now that was unexpected. Sand and dirt began to circle around Chomp at a rapid speed. Soon the Gible was completely surrounded and out of sight. “Dig.” It was moments like this that C.J. was glad he inherited his Mothers telepathic bloodline. As the sand was closing in, Chomp speedily dug deep into the ground rushing towards Trunks.

C.J. hadn’t said a word, if it wasn’t for the slight grin on his face it would seem as if he didn’t know what to do. Moments after the Sand was raging, the ground in front of Trunks started to rumble and split. Chomp flew out of the ground and into the air. “Slash.” C.J. commanded, once again telepathically. Chomp’s claws glow white and she slashed at the Turtwig, leaving behind white trails where she slashed.

To bad I didn’t teach her Fire Type attacks. C.J thought to himself. That would have been the perfect moment for one. C.J. stared ahead at the battle as Chomp popped from the ground and counter-attacked. It would appear that he was just watching the battle and letting Chomp do as pleased, but in fact he was actually studying Issac and Trunks looking for movement patterns and other tells of their battle styles.

C.J. broke his concentration for a moment. “I wasn’t expecting Sand Tomb, very nice opening move.” It wasn’t often C.J. complimented an opponent but this was well deserved he felt.
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