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    Luka Sokolov - Chapter 1-5: Vampire Hunting

    Fwip! An arrow went flying through the doorway straight into a vampire's chest. The mission was underway and Luka's team was in the thick of it. Nox had managed to keep the door open, allowing him to shoot into the battle from his vantage point, albeit with a limited range to fire into. Fwip! Yet another vampire fell to Luka's bow. That makes eight, he thought, reloading once more. All his hunting had truly paid off when it came to shooting vampires. When hunting deer, the hunter is taught to aim for the heart rather than the head the way people are killed (in the movies at least). Luka settled his cross-hairs on another bloodsucker.

    He had seen Adrian battle before, but he had been amazed when Nox revealed his extending bone-spear weapons. He watched in awe when Destiny entered the fray, mowing enemies down with strange and powerful techniques. But now, the vampires' numbers were thinned by quite a lot, and he no longer had any targets he could hit at the angle he was at. It was time to use the windows. If the Harbingers were as powerful as he believed, he would only get one shot at most before he was caught and forced into melee. Luka jumped from his perch as silently as he could and made his way to the warehouse, jumping up to a window. From a distance he could see very little through the windows because of the grime, but up close there was an obscure, but still there, view.

    He peered through the glass at the current state of the fight. Adrian had been surrounded by three harbingers, and he was in serious trouble. He managed to escape from the ring they had made around him, but he they continued after him. He needed help. Luka moved his crossbow near the window and prepared the shot. He would have only one chance, then he would have to jump in with his blade. Nervous, he targeted the harbinger closest to himself, aiming at his head. A shot to the heart on a human (or as human as they were) would not stop them as immediately as he needed it to, so he would have to risk the more difficult head shot. He focused and took a deep breath, keeping the target's head in the middle of his cross-hairs. Damn! Luka's breath was too loud and at that distance the harbinger had heard him! Luka took the shot but instead of hitting his brain stem like he had planned, his enemy turned and took it through an eye.

    There was no choice, he had to move now. Luka jumped through the broken window and drew his sword mid-fall, driving it through the harbinger who was clutching his face upon landing. He stood up to face the battlefield, assuming a battle-ready stance with his sword. Everything seemed to move much faster up-close. After taking a second to calm down, he turned to help Adrian only to hear the words "What's the bird doing coming down here with the dogs?" before seeing the massive hammer speed toward him. He reacted and avoided having his spine shattered, but not fast enough, and the weapon hit his left arm, crippling it. Luka spun and hit the ground, in pain from having landed on his now broken arm. He got up warily, now only having one arm to hold his sword.

    Coming down here was a bad idea and he knew it, but he came anyway and was now a liability. He didn't expect for the harbingers to be this fast, to catch him off guard and so soon after his arrival. His assailant grinned and said, "Shouldn't have left your little perch," before raising his war hammer to strike again. Luka had little to no talent for magic, but he did know one simple spell which he cast on himself. It was meant to numb the pain of a wound, and he had learned it with the intent of killing his targets mercifully and painlessly. With his skill it couldn't eliminate it entirely, nowhere near it in fact, but it helped. It seemed with the one harbinger down, that left two for each of his teammates and one for himself. Now luka truly felt like the weakest link.
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