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Leaf Green Update! Last time I was at Misty's gym.

-Defeated Misty with 1 pokemon
-Trained my Pokémon untill all were Lv 25
-Went into the underground pass
-Caught a Meowth and named it Paul
-Trained on a route untill Meowth was Lv 17
-Arrived in Vermillion city
-Boarded SS Anne
-Defeated my rival with ease
-Aquired cut
-Defeated LT Surge with 2 out of 5 Pokémon left
-Entered Digletts cave
-Bellsprout evolved into Weepinbell
-Caught Pidgey, Rattata, and Weedle
-Got HM05 Flash
-Went back to Cerulean and trained on the route to the left of Cerulean
-Entered Rock Tunnel
-Meowth learned Flash!
-Mankey evolved into Primape
-Changed names of Pokémon in Lavender town
-Trained untill Pokémon were Lv 30 (Besides Meowth)
-Arrived in Celadon city
-Aquired leaf stone and evolved Weepinbell into Victribell
-Caught Doduo
-Defeated Celadon Gym
-Doduo Evolved into Dodrido

Wow long update. Here is my team.

Primape Lv 30
Charmeleon Lv 30
Victribell Lv 30
Dodrido Lv 29
Meowth Lv 17