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    Originally Posted by danklobsters View Post
    So after looking through almost every hack available this is by far the most intrigueing to me. Perhaps because I prefer modified originality and subtlety. The whole completely revamped thing just doesn't appeal to me. So as I caught a glimpse of this mods shine, I knew I needed to be blinded by it. I must be, rather. But all of my efforts are to no avail. See, im emulating from an android. Phone, not tablet. So perhaps you know my issue, along with purpose behind this post. I need a .zip file, I can't do nothin fancy like a computer with the clicking, and the file opening. Has anybody patched this and posted it or can they? Itd be awesome for all us mobile emulators who appreciate these like a vintage ford.
    Well can not you patch this file on PC and then transfer the gba file on your Android
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