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> The incredibly imaginative username was... The.
> The username is... pokemonPrankster

Oh right. How could you forget. You were about to type in "the incredibly amazing, legendarybuilding pokemonPrankster"! PokemonPrankster would love, well, pranking people! He always would have a knack for getting into trouble, and never really listen to any authority. He would be a rebel in his own sort. But... then you accidentally brushed the enter button prematurely and ended up with just "the". It is one of your biggest mistakes in life. Yet.

-- conversation between BallOfCute and The --
BOC: hi jake! happy birthday!
The: Hi Zelda! Thanks.
BOC: have you gotten any nice presents?
The: Yeah, I got some stuff from mom and there's a package right here on my lap. Don't know from whom, it came in mail.
BOC: cool! I also got a present in the mail today actually!
The: That's uncool! It's my birthday, not yours :(
BOC: there was a PC game inside! I'm going to install and start it up
The: Ok, I can only hope there's a game or something inside my present too, haha.

The cake beside the computer is taunting you. Garfunkel the cat is snoring on your bed. The window is still open. The present lies in your lap. Mom is not home.

What will you do?