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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    That's because you're using the normal hit/miss calculator which is inherently wrong here. You should in face be checking the special status bits for the few special statuses which would cause this to miss!

    If an attack never misses, you MUST leave out the 01 command! Instead you should be doing:

    22 00 C0 00 04 00 00 F2 7D 1D 08
    This checks if the target is in the middle phase of surf, dig, fly or bounce and makes the move miss if it is. Otherwise it hits without fail.
    Would this mean that quiver dance and coil would miss if the target is flying or digging? And the 01 command I'm assuming finishes at the 08 that comes after it? So I would have to erase the entire 01 command and replace it with code?

    Would the code for Quiver Dance look like this then?

    00 02 03 1D 00 00 00 00 22 00 C0 00 04 00 00 F2 7D 1D 08 CC 69 1D 08 1C etc....
    Thanks for the quick response and help!

    EDIT: Just realised the target is the user, so the move won't miss if you're flying..... because you can't use two moves at the same time. I'm silly. I still don't really understand where to insert the new code, do I only remove the byte that says 01 or the whole string from 01 to the pointer?
    Thanks again for the help.
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