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    Originally Posted by IceFyr1928 View Post
    3) that one at the end of canterlot wedding. Can't remember the title.
    You mean Love is in Bloom? That's one epic song.

    Okay, to keep this moving on, there's another topic I wanna post.

    What is/are your favorite episodes in each season?

    'Cause I've reviewed and watched them all many times, here are my top episodes.

    Season 1
    1. Winter Wrap up(not only the song is awesome, but the story itself.)
    2. The Show Stoppers
    3. Sonic Rainboom

    Season 2
    1. Hurricane Fluttershy(why, this is the very 1st episode I've watched)
    2. Luna Eclipsed(Princess Luna became my favorite Alicorn ever since)
    3. Read it and Weep

    Season 3
    1. Wonderbolts Academy(Full of Rainbow Dash awesomeness)
    2. One Bad Seed
    3. Magical Mystery Cure

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