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Julia Blackwood - Mud
Julia ran like the wind, a burning sensation in her legs as she pumped them harder than she'd ever imagined possible. Before she knew it, forced shift as they went off a ramp and she tripped, winding up spinning around in the ball before promptly landing in mud, backside in the air and Melloetta in her arms. She just sort of stayed there for a moment as she gathered her senses and struggled to her feet, legs like jelly and stomach threatening to evacuate it's contents in an unflattering manner. Was... was this /mud/? Oh, gross... She grimaced and attempted to clear her face somewhat, letting go of Mello in the process and taking two uneasy steps before falling to her knees with a very quiet grunt of exhaustion. Perhaps she could tolerate the mud long enough to avoid getting sick. She needed to catch her breath and calm down. Looking around, she quickly realized she had lost her glasses.

"Oh no..." she said, her blood running cold. She needed those! To her relief nothing jumped out to attack her right away, and she caught he breath, standing back up and taking several steps before the feeling of something odd crunching under her boot notified her that she'd made a mistake worthy of a movie. Her mud covered glasses had been all but invisible, and she'd stepped on them. Gingerly raising her foot, she reached down and pulled out her glasses with a disappointed sigh. Feeling them cautiously she could tell they were damaged. That was just her luck. She stumbled her way out of the mud and noted the sound of water. Even with her poor vision, she could detect a large water source nearby. Oh... thank goodness. She didn't want to spend one more moment filthy like this.

Close your eyes, Melo. Or not. We're all girls here. Julia took the opportunity to take a refreshing bath, removing and cleaning her jacket and dress separately. She also took the opportunity to clean and inspect her glasses. The right lens was shattered. Disappointed but not surprised, she finally got out of the water and released Ice. The sableye was utilized to help her rapidly dry her dress. The light fabric would dry fairly quick with the heat of a will'o'wisp helping it. Her jacket in comparison was made of heavier, thicker cloth. It would take longer. Thus, she only put on her short, light purple summer dress before decidedly continuing on her way, shivering gently in her admittedly still slightly damp clothes. The sableye grumbled quietly at the notion of being used as a dryer, but resigned herself to behaving for once.

"That was really something, huh...?" she asked Mello idly.

Without further ado, she proceeded towards the mill, examining it. Assuming she could get inside, she'd start searching the place, perhaps for supplies or other surprises.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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