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    Congrats to KagamiChan and Blaziken153 for completing their game!

    I've updated the first post to reflect this and added in the new particpants. A quick thing when you finish/want to join please send me a pm or vm so i know to add you to the list, my memory is terrible aha.

    Also when you finish your game please send proof, so a hall of fame picture. If you want to continue you're more than welcome :3

    Update for me:
    - Spent about 3 days looking for Pansear, managed to catch a :D
    - Managed to grind everyone up to 30 because of this.
    - Glow evolved!
    - Caught said Pansear.
    - Managed to catch Pansage and Panpour too.
    - Just training him up for Elsea now in the Desert resort.


    Kahuna lvl 30
    - Water pulse
    - Razor Shell
    - Revenge
    - Focus Energy

    Roxee lvl 30
    - Brick Break
    - Faint attack
    - Chip away
    - Swagger

    Dearg [red] lvl 23
    - Flame Burst
    - Bite
    - Fury swipes
    - Yawn

    Glow lvl 30
    - Electro ball
    - Thunder wave
    - Cotton Spore
    - Charge

    Nevada lvl 30
    - Dig
    - Rapid Spin
    - Fury Cutter
    - Slash