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    I like the idea of light pokemon and shadow pokemon.
    Maybe a 5% chance of finding a light or shadow pokemon in the wild, however the pokemon's original type will still be the same type.
    Light pokemon will have a faint white glow, along with white-ish colourations. If you find one, It will have been "Blessed with Xerneas' light" or sumfin'. All light pokemon can learn a special move called 'Special Aura', It's type is unknown (???) much like the move curse in gen 1. It has a power of 120, accuracy 100%, and is no type resists it or is weak against it. This move is either physical or special depending on which attacking stat is higher.
    Same goes for shadow pokemon, faint dark-purple glow and darker colouration. It's move is 'Mystic Aura', unknown type, 120 power 100% accuracy, no type advantage or disadvantage.. you get the picture.

    The stats will still stay the same if it is a light/shadow pokemon, this is just another form of shiny pokemon, except of course with extra moves!
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