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Adrian Frode

As the three enemies facing Adrian began to rally for another attack and Adrian prepared to face them there was a brief distraction as an arrow came flying through what had one been a window when a distraction came in the form of an arrow flying into the eye of the Harbinger that had attacked Adrian from behind and sure enough soon after he was down for the count, not quite dead but heavily incapacitated and Luka was in the fray fighting a bulky Harbinger with a hammer. Adrian took the moment of distraction to go on the offensive his movements a blur as he hacked at the knee of the closest Harbinger, a tall and beefy black man with an axe, limiting his movement before whirling his blade at head of the other a thin, pale man with a shaven head and a broadsword. Unfortunately his adversaries were now prepared and the attack was blocked, Adrian didn't mind though. He pushed forward on the swords in front of him getting closer to his opponent and putting his foot behind him, then with an strong shove he pushed the other man to the floor stabbing him through his gut and pinning him to the floor with his sword, which he didn't have time to retrieve because an axe nearly cut him in two as the burlier man swung repeatedly pushing him away from his injured (and stuck) comrade and of course the sword that had impaled the pale warrior.
"Wonderful" though Adrian as he looked around the room, his eyes falling on a thin steel pole resting against the wall... "that could work".

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