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Originally Posted by Scarecr0wFixatioN View Post
Really hoping the regional bird looks somewhat intimidating like Staraptor and Pigeot. I wasn't a huge fan of Unefezant and Swellow (Well, I thought swellow looked cool)

Also hoping for more pokemon like Luxray. Maybe a Lion and Tiger pokemon as counterparts perhaps?
This! I don't know about you guys, but Staraptor (and Pidgeot to some extent?), were one of the best birds to like, ever be made in a game. It was kind of disappointing seeing Unfezant, but eh, not complaining too much, I suppose it was useful for being like, a Fly slave or something, but I'd like to see this gen's bird actually have some competitive use. :3

And I do think that they'll probably lean on a tiger/lion Pokemon this time around o: At least it just seems likely that they would...hmmm...I can imagine it being a pretty powerful Pokemon, too...

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