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After who knows how long, Shawn struggled to open his eyes. It took them all his energy to keep them open. His vision was hazy and blurred, but he saw three shapes near him. Two small and one larger...must be another trainer. Or, at least, he hoped it was another trainer coming to help. He tried to move, but his body felt like lead. He felt something warm trickling down his head, one across his cheek and the other along the back of his head.

Shawn slowly tried to look up to the large shape near him. His eyesight slowly improved, making the shapes more clear. As he looked again at what was around him, the two smaller shapes were pokemon, one being a guard while the other seemed to be crying. The larger shape revealed itself to be a girl, another student in the academy. He tried to speak, but his voice was weak and slurred. There was no mistake in what he had to say, however: "".

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