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> Grab a handful of cake and try to open the package with strawberry-syruped hands.
The cake has been sitting there on your desk for long enough. It has been at least seven minutes since you last grabbed a bite. It is time again. You determinedly shove your hand into the cake without a care in the world and proceed to throw some of it into your own face, pure comedy style.

Yeah, that was fun. The present in your lap got a few stains of syrup. Oh, right. You should probably open it up. You proceed to do so, and smear syrup all over the wrapping paper in the process.

The present contains a CD case which indeed is of a game, and some kind of thin manual. The syrup glues the pages together as you grab the manual. Pity. Anyways, the game is apparently called THEGAME. How original!
> Throw the cake out of the window... It's disturbing.
Stupid cake! If it wasn't for you, I could have breezed through whatever game this is by just following the manual! Now I'll have to learn everything on my own instead.

You proceed to throw the remains of the cake out the window. It lands on your front lawn. Hope mom won't be angry.
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