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    I think I'll be working on that Angel sign-up soon!

    Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
    I'm going to look around a bit and see if anyone wants to partner with me, I'll let you know if I can actually join or not.
    Originally Posted by Lokiepie View Post
    hey, Pie asked me to team up with him, there still room? :) I'm taking the human
    You two are reserved! Go ahead and get started!

    Originally Posted by PinkSapphire View Post
    | Likes: | Any kind of fruit
    | Dislikes: | Bananas
    | Dreams: | Becoming human again one day

    | Appearance: | Her shoes are yellow Vans sneakers.

    | Personality: | She absolutely loves any kind of fruit but always had a small dislike for bananas.

    Melody sometimes really wishes to be able to be human again, her only way is too keep Roxanne save and do her job smoothly. Melody doesn't remember much from her human life, only that she died from cancer when she was 17 and that her name was Melody too.

    | History: | Melody no longer just saw her as a gate to her human life
    I've highlighted all of the parts that need to be altered, for the following reasons:
    1. Angels were not Human at any point; they were created as angels (in Human likeness) to protect the Humans.
    2. Angels cannot wear clothing that exists in the world; this means that any clothing with a brand name does not work.
    3. Angels cannot eat fruit (unless absolutely no one was around to see the floating fruit be eaten). Angels can only eat in utmost secrecy, and even then, would only be doing it for the sake of eating, as they require no food or water to live.
    Other than that, it looks pretty good. So edit those parts and you'll be accepted.