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    You can get yourself a shiny Ditto with the Shiny Ditto trick. For this, you will need a shiny Gyarados with the move "Mimic" (all other moves should/must be forgotten to make it easier, trade Gyarados to R/B/Y in order to teach it Mimic via TM 31). Now, that you have a Shiny Gyarados with mimic, you can look for a Ditto in the grass to the right of Fuchsia City (Note: it is important that Gyarados is faster than Ditto, which is usually the case). Use Mimic, and you will learn Transform. When Ditto Transforms, it will turn into a Gyarados, and now wait until Ditto uses Transform again. Now catch it (afaik, only a master ball works now). And there you go: You have caught a shiny Ditto if you followed these steps. Now trade it back to G/S/C and put it in the daycare. The chance of getting a shiny egg is now 1:64 (the normal rate being 1:8000 or sth. like this). I've gotten quite a few shinies that way, it still takes some time though. I use the Dodrio Gameboy of Stadium to breed eggs so it goes way faster. :p