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    > Hide in the pond. i'd like to see thatbeast catchwater on fire! There might even be a pokemon in there to use as a meatshield against the beast.

    You look at the pond. It looks wet in there, and if you hide in it you too will probably become wet. This will be neither comfortable nor good for your Stylish Dress (to say nothing of your Flowery Wreath), and unless there's actually something around for you to hide from, you'd rather not go that far.

    > Collect exactly 67 rocks to throw at the cyndaquil just in case. (No more, no less)

    You try, you really do, but you can only find twelve.

    Othodox found some Rocks! Othodox put the Rocks in the Items of Geological Interest Pocket.

    > Save your gam-I mean life, yeah that's If something bad happens and you end up dead, you need a place to start back up from, right?

    Error: code 92, invalid command. For further assistance, including a list of some common commands, type /help.

    > Check out the fruit-bearing tree and go loot the Lonesome House

    The tree contains one Berry, which confuses you because you thought they'd gone extinct and been replaced with Apricorn trees. Putting this comparatively trivial issue to one side, you enter the Lonesome House and are only mildly surprised to find it completely empty. Not just of people, mind – that wouldn't be surprising at all – but of everything else, too. It has four walls and a floor, and that's it: every single article of furniture, decoration and miscellaneous rubbish has been meticulously removed.

    Someone has been here before, and they were either a God of Looting or certifiably insane.

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