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    "I will buddy, I will," Sammy said earnestly to the injured boy. He seemed a little younger than her so maybe she could lift him, but she wouldn't get very far. It was good to see that he'd regained consciousness, and it could be he'd regain all of his faculties after a few minutes, but it was impossible to tell with head wounds. She'd seen enough men injured on the ships to know how little she really knew. If anyone was going to be able to really help this boy it wasn't her. If she went sprinting off to find help, what if whatever attacked him came back to finish the job? She could leave Corphish behind to protect him - she doubted Cubone would be able to do much without her there to encourage him - but if something happened to Corphish while she was gone she'd never be able to forgive herself. And there was Shuppet now, but she knew nothing about Shuppet. She couldn't consider any options relating to him. Or her. She didn't even know...

    "Do you think you'd be able to get up and move a little ways, if I helped you? I can't carry you by myself and none of my pokemon are big enough. I'd run and get help, but I'm worried about leaving you."
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