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Hm, no. In the real world you can't easily differentiate between 'hero' and 'villain'. I know it's part of how superheroes are supposed to act - outside the law and all of that - but it just wouldn't fly in the real world. I mean, vigilante justice is not a good idea when you've got a working society. Any yahoo might take it into their head that something or another is bad and then try to do something about it. Imagine all the screwballs today who still think Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim terrorist and imagine if one of them had super powers. They'd think they were totally justified flying off into the White House and doing something stupid. No. Better to have the superheroes work within the system so that they can work with law enforcement. That way you can have a better idea of who is and isn't a real hero.

But there should be some leeway. Like if you had the power to fly or what, you should be allowed to get a license to do that.
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