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    Andrew "Andy' Rede

    Andy didn't like this girl. Not one little. He had assumed this girl was a newer trainer due to her Zorua, but now that he heard her speaking of Kiki and his pokémon as 'unevolved', he wasn't so sure. Catches was strong, but this white haired girl was right. He /was/ unevolved. Until he evolved and developed a specialist fighting style, his attacks would be unfocussed and weak. And Snaps... Andy groaned at the thought of trying to get her so much as out of her shell. This wasn't looking good, he'd just have to try and not get this girl angry.

    Holding up his hands in defense, Andy smiled at the girl again. "Hey, come on now... You were a newbie once too. We're not so different you know." Andy stopped to contemplate a follow-up, before adding: "Is there really any reason for you to be so aggressive?"

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