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Wyatt "Wyvern" Leon Bellerose
Wyatt though for a moment in mid stride about Evie's question. He didn't want to say exactly that he had been forced here against his will but he had been forced here against his will. Wyatt let out a nervous chuckle unsure of how to answer although he knew that he couldn't really help what happened.

"Perhaps it was not wanting to leave somewhere I had been so accustomed to. I wasn't my choice to come here and I was hesitant, though I'm glad that I was able to come here" Wyatt said with a sigh of relief. "With that said I'm not sure why I came here or even why I was able to come here. I'm not a very good student, book-wise, I was never too good at battles, and I'm not that special really."

He didn't know what the police officers of Goldenrod saw in him to allow him to leave to The Academy although it would have been much better than remaining home with the family that loathed him so. Wyatt played with a lock of his hair, now silent as he looked back at Evie. He really had no clue why he was here although it might have been just to get away from people who would have gotten him in trouble. He never really knew anyone from home that he cared for aside from his pokemon.

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