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Issac Milke - Behind the Dorms

"Twuu!" Trunks gasped as he was knocked aside by the Gible's slash. The two had been watching the sandstorm and had no idea that the ground in front of Trunks had been shifting, leaving the Turtwig vulnerable.

He never made a single command.. It's like the Gible did it all alone.. What is this? Ugh.. No time to wonder. Have to retaliate. Have to make it good, too.

"Okay Trunks! Stay in there and hit him with another sandtomb while he is close. Then brace yourself and wait for my word." Issac said smoothly fighting to not seem anxious.
"Tuuh.. Wiiig.." Trunks replied with a nod as he whipped up another sandstorm and sent it towards Chomp once more. The Turtwig then tightened his focus and waited for Issac's next command, bending his knees as if he was getting ready to pounce.

Now I wait..

Issac kept his eyes on the sandstorm once more, this time keeping his peripheral vision on the ground around Trunks, though.
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