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Hey there Suikun! Kudos for you for trying to move onto 3D. I am finding it a bit difficult to critique your work as I don't know if you are doing paintovers of your renders or not. If you are, I think you should concentrate on your directional lighting a bit more. A good challenge is for you to try and do a scene that's lit only by a few candles or something. Otherwise, if it isn't, I feel you need to work on your texturing and edgeloops, as you're getting some strange deformation on a few of these pieces. Try looking up some more modeling tutorials for characters; as there are some bits that are falling a bit flat (Totodile's eyes for example.) Try adding a new level of simplistic detail. Don't focus on surfacing.. focus on shape ;3 Good stuff overall though! I know I can be picky but with a bit more practice I think these can really go up a large level!

I'm sorry I can't help more with this; I've not personally done any texturing or lighting before, but I encourage you to keep experimenting and show up more stuff. Your stuff is exciting and I look forward to more!
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